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Wed, Aug. 31st, 2011, 01:02 pm
Things To Do, A New Short List

So Saturday marks the long-awaited start of football season (GO GATORS!!!), and there's some Things What Need Doin' t' git done 'fore Saturday night and the madding throng's descent upon Stately Eight Bit Manor, to wit:

  • Return incorrect model toilet to Home Cheapot and obtain correct model
  • Install said commode in guest bathroom
  • Clear garage space for gas stove acquired from Craigslist that's showing up tonight
  • Replace our current stove (the one with a dead broiler valve) with the shiny chrome one
  • Maybe replace Amanda's bedroom door?
  • Maybe paint the guest bath door?
  • Make sure we have sufficient stock of cream puffs and dark choccy M&Ms

Saturday at 7pm mah Gators take on one of our traditional pre-SEC sacrificial lambs, UAB. Be there. Aloha.