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Tue, Nov. 5th, 2013, 12:55 pm
(*tap*tap*tap*) Is this thing on? (*tap*tap*SQUEEEEEEEEAL*tap*)

Well, another year, another Livejournal posting. What's new? Well, um... Amanda's at UF and has moved out of the house (kinda sorta mostly), Laura's at Santa Fe doing the dual enrollment thing. Front bathroom's gutted and mostly rebuilt - still have baseboards, a bit of plastering, electrical and the last of the plumbing to do. Now suemac's got the bug to repaint the whole interior, and we're batting around ideas for gutting the kitchen and laundry room and family room and heck the whole front half of the house might change radically. Or not. It's liable to cost a fortune. :)

Insert usual rants on politics, health care vs. health insurance, the holiness of God, cool aftermarket suspension parts for early-2000s Hondas, and some discussion of a half-built 12-string. Oh, and everyone go buy some Joe's Stuff from The New Orleans School of Cooking and employ it liberally to create almost-as-good-as-sex-but-not-quite barbequed pork tastiness.

Do not fold bend spindle or mutilate. Not valid at all locations. Rotate periodically for even wear. The carpet is plush.