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Mon, Apr. 14th, 2014, 01:43 pm
Random thoughts and Chinese food

I had to chuckle. On the way back to the office after picking up the cats at the vets, dropping them at home, and swinging by China 88 for some tasty comestibles, As is my wont when there's no one to talk to on 40 meters, I got to button-pushing on the stereo. I landed on 94.7, which is shared on a rotating basis by low power stations owned by Faith Presbyterian Church, Calvary Church of Gainesville, and the Civic Media Center. The latter's station was on-air, running what sounded like some journalist-type accepting some kind of an award. Two things amused me:

1. It was fascinating to hear someone on the decidedly left-leaning CMC's radio station defending Fox News' Rosen and excoriating the Obama Administration for its stifling crackdown on investigative journalism.

2. Whoever the reporter was, and whatever University gave him is Journalism degree, their heads should be hanging in shame and their wrists should surely suffer a stinging slap, or several. I listened to this guy for a good five minutes or more. In that stretch of time I don't think he EVER got to the end of a sentence. Not even when he was interrupted by applause did he punctuate his point and capitalize a new statement. If excessive explotitation of conjunctions were a felony, he would spend the next 25-30 without parole in San Quentin.